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It looks like this will probably be my new main account. It's with a heavy heart that I am moving on from, but @msh has a solid instance here that I'm happy to join.

#psa You should probably stop using as a search engine.

#Startpage appears to have sold out to a company called "System1" who are a "pay-per-click behavioral ad company"

Please boost for exposure.

Why Mr. Rogers is important today 

There's someone at the climate strike wearing a Thanos gauntlet. Kind of a weird Malthusian meme, but OK. :blobthinking:

climate strike, Greta Thunberg 

climate strike, Greta Thunberg 


RT @CJEdmonton
Beaver Hills Park is PACKED with people who care about indigenous sovereignty and saving the planet #ClimateStrike #thisiswhatcommunitylookslike #GretaInAlberta

Can someone recommend a good resource on moving off of corporate banking and to more socially responsible alternatives, like credit unions?

In particular, curious about how one would get and evaluate the alternatives. Both for everyday checking account type stuff and for retirement savings (eg alternatives to Vanguard?), ideally.

Thx πŸ™πŸ’—

If everyone gathers on the same cloud providers (EC2, DO, GCP), and the same object storage (S3, Wasabi), we're really not that federated. The network isn't any more diverse than using a centralized social media platform.


XR (-) 

Status: looking up restaurants in old Quebec City, because basically I travel for an excuse to eat good food.

Under Full Communism trade would just look like "Eyyooo we need X and you got X" "Yeah! Here's X!! BTW you got Y and we need Y" "Oh sweet well here's some Y then don't worry I got you"

But that's still trade, y'know?

So then whenever we look at experiments in building utopias or socialisms or anything counterculture or countercapitalism, we must observe it does not, cannot, be in isolation. It must participate in trade unless it's on like, The Promised Land with The Entire Periodic Table

i'm just really impressed by how fucking embarrassing this time period is going to be if our descendants survive to learn about it

Food: Montreal bagels 

When registering for a thing online that requires me to list my ZIP code, as a non-American, I always enter 90210.

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