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This is an post...kinda.

Hit me up with your toots. Mine is on order and I'm looking forward to getting it.

I toot a lot about , especially of the leftist sort.

Here are an assortment of hashtags:

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It looks like this will probably be my new main account. It's with a heavy heart that I am moving on from, but @msh has a solid instance here that I'm happy to join.

CBC: "Should you break up with your partner before the holidays"

Ah, yes, this is the quality journalism I expect from the national broadcaster.

I've been super critical of Disney's complete lack of imagination and this weird thing where they're just making shot-for-shot live action remakes of their classic cartoons. But I just watched the live action trailer and it actually looks awesome.

Kitteh does *not* like owner’s cat-shaped slippers.

2000s hackers: My dream is to connect all of my devices to the internet.
2020s hackers: My dream is to disconnect all of my devices from the internet.

One thing I wish and other software had is an option to add a content warning to something before boosting it. Of course, the problem is that would lead to quote tooting and most people are understandably opposed to that.

Also, I'm just glad he's not waiting for Christmas Day, which is what was sort of expecting/dreading.

Shit y'all, my baby brother is getting married! He's going to propose to his girlfriend this weekend and it would be the heel turn of the century if she said no.

Smartphone ads gripe 

"Dad, why don't we have an elf on the shelf?"

"Kid, I won't bring a voice assistant into this house. You think I'm going to allow a literal spy to come in here?"

I heard someone for whom English was a second language say something was "freshing me out" when they meant something was refreshing and relaxing. This should totally be a phrase.

i have never once gone to a news site and thought "notifications? heck yeah"


xmas, food (meat) 

xmas, food (meat) 

ask yourself, "what would Dee Snider do?"

Alberta/Canada politics 

Alberta/Canada politics 

Alberta/Canada politics 

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