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"Immunity passports are a horrible idea."

Just gonna pin this for my own memory, as much as for sharing with y'all.

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This is an post...kinda.

Hit me up with your toots. Mine is on order and I'm looking forward to getting it.

I toot a lot about , especially of the leftist sort.

Here are an assortment of hashtags:

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It looks like this will probably be my new main account. It's with a heavy heart that I am moving on from, but @msh has a solid instance here that I'm happy to join.

Baby naming - assumed male at birth 

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When they say they want to 'stamp out Antifa', they really mean "here's what you get for opposing our brutality".

When we say 'fuck the police', we really mean "fuck a world where a man with a gun or a billy club has power over his neighbour."

Which of those is truly violent?

Baby naming - assumed male at birth 

Defund the police, talk of violence 

do the cops probably have until starting shit, so the uniformed cops can "retaliate?" probably. are there white supremacists and boogaloos happy to have an excuse to riot? sure.

but does that mean the legitimate anger and social unrest, which has been heating for decades and only now reached a boiling point, is somehow unjustified or needs to be excused? no! unrest isn't always pretty. blame the centuries of violence against black people, and cops who escalated at every step of the way.

last night I also saw extraordinary displays of solidarity and community. inspiring drum-led chants and singing; countless people giving water and helping flush tear gas from the eyes of random protestors; white people moving to the front, standing in front of black people; people trying to chase after the car who drove into me; people shouting warnings about police movements and tear gas, connected to police scanners; people redistributing looted goods among the needy. it was inspiring.

Something I remembered recently: if you start referring to every politically motivated riot as an uprising, things make a lot more sense (though there are also cases when they should instead be called massacres, such as in cases of white supremacist violence).

canada sure is full of ableist, white supremacist assholes who think we're better than USA, and will gaslight you if you tell them that's not true.

Lol, apparently saying the words "toxic masculinity" is triggering for MRA types. Woke up to a homophobic slur tossed my way overnight. Blocked and muted.

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Lately I'm working becoming a better person, unlearning toxic masculinity, etc.

Boy howdy, is the line thin between people admitting masculinity is broken and trying to make a non-toxic version and dudes who think redpill shit is the answer to all their problems. You go looking for answers, in a spirit of genuine self-improvement, and you find weird PUA and incel shit. Filtering the good and bad is not always obvious at first glance.

No wonder young men are being radicalized in the worst ways.

*god inventing children* lol what if random innocuous events could give them lifelong complexes

In recognition of the 123rd anniversary of the publication of Bram Stoker's masterpiece, never forget that Dracula was stabbed through the heart by a cowboy.

calling your wife the old ball and chain not because you hate her but because it's your cute nickname for her ability to wield a flail with devastating power

Moral absolutism is bad, and you can take that objective truth to the bank

"Part of the reticence to reopen the economy is rooted in the very real fear of widespread infection. And part, I’d argue, is a manifestation of a desire to reject that old way of living entirely. There are different ways of being with each other as a society, different ways of caring and knowing and growing. "

I remember at new years, I didn't even want to do 2020, I wanted to go back and do the 1990s instead but you guys were all like "no. Time is linear. We have to do 2020 now"

Now look at everything. Maybe next time you'll listen

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