It looks like this will probably be my new main account. It's with a heavy heart that I am moving on from, but @msh has a solid instance here that I'm happy to join.

Welcome to my little corner of the fediverse @ink_slinger ! I well and hope they stick around and catch up to support AP!

My instance may be small and sometimes glitch but it'll stick around for awhile (hopefully as long as the email server I host...Dec 2 is the 20th anniversary of my self hosted email lol).

Bear with my instance as sidekiq chews through the queue. I've not had really established users migrate here before, only newbies and tire kickers setting up new accounts!

@msh @ink_slinger

those dang sidekiq queues.

in hindsight, forking the project in early 2017 to add our community features and changes was an early nail in the coffin.

I kept up with upstream from pre 1.0 til 1.4 when there was a massive refactor that bisected almost all of our features and changes.

i've backported a few changes to make compatibility better, but 🤷 looks like we're getting left in the dust now.

@thurloat I hope you manage to stick around and find a way over the hurdles. I'm content with maintaining a stock instance...the fast moving nature of Masto gives me an appreciation for the folks who take on forks like glitch and Florence! I'll be staying a small step back from current to federate with OStatus as long as practical lol

I think maybe @ink_slinger jinxed something when he called my instance "solid" because now I'm getting spurious HTTP 500 errors! Gonna tune things up.

@thurloat also I don't mean to infer @ink_slinger brought gremlins...I also suspended a couple of remote users and that seems to have backed things up too.

As heavy as Mastodons can be they're actually pretty resilient lol

@msh Thanks! I saw it pop up when I was looking at and thought, "I already follow msh and if his server is accepting new registrations, why not go with someone I kinda already know?" And, bonus, you're also located in Alberta so that's fun.

@ink_slinger @msh

Sorry to drag a slightly old toot out but I was looking into your reasons for moving since I need a new home too it seems. Reading that the instance is hosted in Canadialand is a serious plus.

@FssOfDeath @msh I don't have much to add to what I already said but, yeah, it's hosted in Canada and has a pretty good code of conduct, plus I was already following Mark and he seemed like a good guy. Hopefully my excessive tooting isn't putting too much strain on his hobby server! 😂

@ink_slinger Not a problem! My server can handle more users just fine as long as I provision enough resources to the Mastodon containers lol

When you were importing your follows there was a bit of a backup on the queue but nothing that it couldn't handle eventually. There have been bigger disturbances in the fedi-force


@FssOfDeath I think maybe not only being in Canada but also the same province and mutual followers with the admin was a factor (any other mastodon instances hosted in Alberta? I'm not sure)

My server is small and not hooked to any big relays so the timelines are pretty sedate and chill for the most part. I like it that way, though people chasing engagement with a very large audience might like bigger instances...



I am probably not a typical mastodon user. I started my instance 2.5 years ago having never been in the fediverse before, so my timelines were completely blank and I basically bootstrapped them by following gargron and a couple others found outside of mastodon, then following anyone who was interesting in the mentions and boosts! :blobtonguewink:

That might not work for everyone but boy it sure makes moderation less of a burden when the instance is small


@msh @ink_slinger

I haven't made a choice yet for my new instance but I'll keep your on the list, I like chill and I would definitely prefer a Canadian Instance.

We'll see what happens!

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