US primaries 

Wow the Iowa caucuses are wild. Explain them to any non-USian and they'll think you're full of shit!

You all get together in church basements and community halls and stand in groups based on who you support, and take head counts and argue amongst each other about what groups people should move to if their candidate isn't "valid" (popular) enough?

Basically add whiskey and a shillelagh or two and you'd have 19th century colonial era elections in Canada!

US primaries 

@msh I love how they added this app (that doesn't work), not to actually tally the votes and not have to deal with headcounts, but just to report those headcounts to the DNC Iowa headquarters.

US primaries 

@ink_slinger and this brings up even more questions.

Like, basically it could have been a simple web form behind some authentication...such a thing could have been created and deployed in a single day, even including 2FA. Why was this app so much trouble?

Electronic voting is one thing but this is just reporting caucus results not running the vote itself, which isn't even a formal secret ballot process anyways, so WTF was the deal with this app? proper backup plan SMH.


US primaries 

@msh Cell phone apps are shiny and everyone has a cell phone, I suppose. But I completely agree with you.

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