@ink_slinger really a disgusting show of force.

from the CEO: “It’s truly unfortunate that we were unable to find a path forward that allowed for the construction of Coastal GasLink with the support of all."

"... so we'll bring our corporate police army (read RCMP) to remove you, because we've pretended to care long enough and doing the things you want isn't profitable enough. sooo we'll just take it, our law is on our side."

that last quote may not have come from the article.

@adasauce "Dialogue means you agree to do what we want."

The messed up thing is that even our settler laws aren't really on the side of the company. The Supreme Court has held that the Wet'suwet'en have authority over their land, having never ceded it and never signed any treaties. This is literally an invasion. Not that it'll be seen that way by most people. 😔

@ink_slinger in good news, looks like the RCMP raid was for naught:


6:45 pm Legal update: All six people who were arrested in Gidimt’en territories this morning are being released with no charges. Three are out already.

@adasauce That's good. They're preparing for more "police action" today. We'll see what happens next, I suppose.

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