"Immunity passports are a horrible idea."

Just gonna pin this for my own memory, as much as for sharing with y'all.

Remember the idea of immunity passports? Turns out getting COVID-19 doesn't even give you permanent immunity, so this idea is even more terrible.

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@ink_slinger immunity passports would be a system by which governments grant exclusive privileges to a group of people based solely on their biological characteristics.

This is exactly equivalent to racist segregation/apartheid and eugenics and the advocates for immunity passports are exactly as horrible and evil as this who supported those practices as well. It is disturbing and sad that people today don't immediately recognise this and immediately dismiss the idea.

@msh @ink_slinger I wish I believed that a majority of people & politicians would defend such important principles. I also wish I wasn't so cynical.

@msh @ink_slinger devil's advocate: if this was restricted to forcing stay at home orders for people who aren't cleared, and followed with "we will provide _ until it's over" and that was the limit of such passports, would we view them differently?

@thatgeoguy @ink_slinger well...though the intentions are good a gilded cage is still a cage, and considering the track record of most governments and human nature I can't see any approach working well.

Like...would any jurisdiction in the "free world" adequately "provide _" to the vast majority of non-immune when they don't do so presently? Also it invites abuse from private enterprise to offer special treatment. Proper enforcement could be a drain on resources.

@msh @thatgeoguy To build on this a little, the current government has done everything to nickel and dime the CERN rather than just making it universal (and why not? It's already taxable). I can't imagine a hypothetical in which they'd grant something much more akin to a truly universal benefit.

I would still not favour "immunity passports," but the scenario you propose would make them a bit more palatable. But give govts that much overreach and you'll never get it back.

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