Lately I'm working becoming a better person, unlearning toxic masculinity, etc.

Boy howdy, is the line thin between people admitting masculinity is broken and trying to make a non-toxic version and dudes who think redpill shit is the answer to all their problems. You go looking for answers, in a spirit of genuine self-improvement, and you find weird PUA and incel shit. Filtering the good and bad is not always obvious at first glance.

No wonder young men are being radicalized in the worst ways.

Lol, apparently saying the words "toxic masculinity" is triggering for MRA types. Woke up to a homophobic slur tossed my way overnight. Blocked and muted.

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@ink_slinger the tactics of the men's rights activist crowd can be quite insidious. They really know how to target men's vulnerabilities (MRAs and TERFs seem to have very similar M.O.s come to think of it). Unfortunately those tactics combine with the algorithms of the social silos in a perfect storm to amplify their messages.

@msh @thatgeoguy For sure. People who haven't yet developed strong critical thinking skills (i.e., most teens and youngish men) could easily be pulled in. I was reading something the other day that seemed really rational and interesting until about 3/4 the way in, when it suddenly starts getting into PUA talking points. I can see how that could easily grab hold of someone if they're not aware of what's going on until they're already in it: "It seemed so sensible at first; the rest must be true!"

@ink_slinger wooooo...sorry about that 😬 taken care of across our instance as well.

@msh Ha. No worries. Thanks for taking care of it, though.

@ink_slinger Sorry to hear that man. 😕

I get you on the thin line thing though. I will admit that I found myself at that cross roads too and had I not had the right friends (or people to tell me I'm dumb or turning into a jerk) I might be very different.

That said, this is why I loved volunteering and teaching judo. It was a very good medium for a lot of kids to look at interacting with other men not as anger and violence but as mastery and self-control. Something I kind of wish I had.

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