We got my kid a Chromebook for school, so she wouldn't have to keep using/destroying my laptop. I have to admit, they're pretty slick little machines. Obviously, they're very simple and somewhat limited in what they can do, since basically everything is just a web app, but they're pretty great as a machine to just quickly get some writing done or browse the web (technically, you can even use Firefox or other browsers, but only Android versions, if I understand correctly, so the UX isn't great).

@ink_slinger I bought and returned a chromebook for my oldest (8) last christmas. Got him a tablet instead.

Now he has a chromebook from school this year and, I think I'd like it more if it wasn't a locked down school version :)

(I changed his email/login password to something he can remember and the school resets them every night! so now he has his password tapped to the machine.)

@Greg My daughter only uses it for school, since she's only in Kindergarten (but doing online school at the moment), so her profile is setup with her school account and, I imagine, pretty locked down (by default, the home page is links to all the school division apps). I set up a profile with my own Google account and it's quite a different experience.

@Greg Resetting a kid's password every night seems...absurd.

@Greg Also, we bought an "education edition" through our school divisions parent buying program, so it's a bit more robust if it gets dropped. They're designed to withstand being constantly dropped on cement floors by clumsy kids. My Pinebook Pro, not so much. 😂

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