My still won't power on. I tried the various troubleshooting guides on the wiki and forums that seemed relevant. None worked.

Did my keyboard cleaning efforts somehow fry it? It booted up fine once after doing the cleaning. Then I turned it off and it just never powered on again.

Trying to charge it now on the off chance the battery is dead and my fixes *did* work (this shouldn't be the case, but is possible). Otherwise, am I screwed?

Any ideas, @PINE64?

@ink_slinger @PINE64 when i had this problem on my #pinebookpro i opened mine and re-set the system (there was a hint on the pinebook wiki). you need to be careful with the speakers when opening, they stick on the back cover which is what you want to remove

@mjfh @PINE64 Yeah, I found info on the forums and wiki, but it didn't seem to work. I tried the reset button, not luck. I also tried turning the eMMC on and off in case that was causing some sort of issue. Nothing. :(

@ink_slinger @PINE64 #pinebookpro
Odd, afsik there were two switches or buttons , I played with both, then addressed the help desk and then it worked again (no need for help desk but they were responsive nevertheless)
My problem then came up after I charged the pbp through a weak usb charger where the voltage seemed to be unstable.

@mjfh @PINE64 Yeah, there's a reset button and a recover button. The description of the recover button makes me afraid to try it. LOL

I also used a USB charger, which was probably too weak, so maybe it's the same issue.

@ink_slinger can you see a red light close to the DC power barrel while charging?

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