@ink_slinger why do i feel like that line should just cut to a girl shrugging like it's absolutely nothing

@ink_slinger I find it weird CBC has "kids news" and doesn't just talk about this as regular news. Also this wouldn't be the first time I've seen this story happen, so why does it seem like it's getting buried in the "for kids" section 🤔

@thatgeoguy The kids news often covers "normal" topics, just in simpler language. They even do politics!

@ink_slinger @thatgeoguy this is like "Teen Vogue" magazine, which has at times covered political and other serious topics better than "real" news magazines for adults.

@ink_slinger you know I think if there's simpler language to convey the news that many people who are very much the opposite of children would be better served reading that version.

Maybe it's the grouchy teen in me but we shouldn't treat kids as if they are of lesser mind, as often the next generation will end up more educated than our own...

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