I'm not sure who needs this, but I figure it could come in handy for someone at some point. Feel free to use it against me if I fuck up enough to deserve it.

If you ever feel sad just remember that when the British invaded India and wanted to get rid of all the snakes so they gave money to people to bring them a dead cobra and then people started to breed cobras to get money and once the government realized , they dropped the reward so everyone just released their cobras so basically they ended up with way more cobras than they started with

Dammit, Netflix, stop telling me what to do. I'll get to it when I get to it.

This box of non-alcoholic beer is much larger than expected. I walk to work so I'm not sure I'll be able to get it home in a single trip. (I had it delivered to the office to avoid it walking off my front steps before I arrive home.)

Selfie with eye contact 

Today's hairstyle is tuque hair. It's very popular this week.

Alberta/Canada politics 

But wait! They're being sneaky.

Being able to force BC to build a pipeline is free trade? That doesn't sound right...

(Of course, the pipeline is federal jurisdiction and happening anyway, so the point is moot.)

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Alberta/Canada politics 

I don't know why I'm getting emails from the group organizing this. They bought an email list from someone, I assume.

I disagree with literally off of these points except for the second one...

Xmas music 

I feel like this is the wrong album art for this song. Also, this song is awful.

I'm trying to learn French with Duolingo. It's going OK, although I wish it did better explaining grammar and when/how to conjugate verbs.

Reference to child loss/death 

Extremely mixed feelings about this unsolicited mail/invitation from the funeral home that cremated my son. I can see why some might find peace in this: being amongst others who've lost a loved one and can understand your pain at Christmas; but the fact that it looks, at first glance, like a Christmas card from a funeral home is, frankly, a bit tactless.

Selfie, ec 

My new glasses arrived yesterday. I'm wearing them today and, even tho lough the Rx is almost identical to the old one, the shape/fit/feel is different enough that they're going to some getting used to! Might need to get them adjusted somewhere, too.

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