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@bgcarlisle I relate so hard to the "turn off the trackpad" thing. My Pinebook Pro has one (it's one of the function keys, but still a key combination rather than digging through UI menus) and it's great. I am terrible about palming my trackpad when typing (except, oddly enough, on my work laptop...I guess it has a better layout for avoiding this issue than most.

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Canadian politics 

@thatgeoguy @JordiGH "you cannot replace APEGA with another union / organization"

Perhaps it was some misunderstanding of that bit, thinking that it technically forbade you from being part of a union because it was "another organization." I have no idea. Now I'm very curious. I'll have to ask him about it some time.

@thatgeoguy @JordiGH I wonder where the misinterpretation of "no unions" came from. I was told this explicitly by an engineer (who is definitely not anti-union himself). I'm not going to read the entire document, but a quick scan doesn't turn up anything that could obviously misinterpreted that way. Very odd.

@thatgeoguy @JordiGH I'm pretty sure, if you're getting pressured to violate the code of ethics and do something shady, the pressure would be coming from management, not the union, but that's just me 🤷

@thatgeoguy @JordiGH My favourite weird Engineering thing is that the code of ethics (specifically APEGA's, I think) forbids you from joining a union because of reasons...except every single engineer who works for, as an example, the City of Edmonton, is automatically part of the union unless they're management. They get a pass because...they didn't formally sign a union card?

It's very weird. (Again, this is second hand from engineer friends, so perhaps I'm misunderstanding.)

@thatgeoguy @JordiGH Not formally retired, I suppose, because they still have an active stamp. I don't have personal evidence of anything, just stories I've heard from engineers. Might be more US type stories. Not sure, to be honest. (ChemE stamping a bridge is probably hyperbole; but CivilE stamping a bridge he had nothing to do with? Bad but technically legal, right)

For all you solarpunk / environmentalist people, an awesome resource to check out & educate yourself


@JordiGH I don't think it's common. And it's definitely not ethical. But it happens.

@JordiGH On the other hand, you have things like retired engineers basically selling their stamp to anyone willing to pay, as if it's totally fine for a retired chemical engineer to stamp plans for a suspension bridge or something. Of course, because it's regulated in Canada, that could come back to badly bite that person in the ass if the bridge collapses.

@JordiGH I didn't realize it wasn't regulated in the US.

@JordiGH That's a good point. And, actually, engineer *is* a licensed profession (albeit a self-governed one). Are computer engineers licensed and regulated in the same way as, say, mechanical engineers? As far as I know, they aren't, but I may be wrong about that. Why are they even allowed to use the word?

@JordiGH Devaluing of the same work when it's done for an entertainment/art product?

Why are programmers not called "engineers" when they are making video games, but only when they're making websites?

@JohnBrownJr It's Japanese for "animated porn, often involving tentacles." And he wants you to know that he's into animated porn, often involving tentacles.

@msh @mpjgregoire I was born to my grandfather's second son, so I guess I dodged a bullet. Of course, these days, people associate "Harry" with a prince and so maybe that would play in my favour.

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