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"Smaller Obi Wan" theory 

I've discovered the reason my battery is nearly dead every time my wife borrows it is because she's been plugging the power cord into the headphone jack.

Y'all weren't lying when you said CUPS is hell.

Actually, CUPS works just fine. It can detect and administer my printer without issue. The problem is that when I'm adding a new printer, I can't seem to find the model # in the drop down list, even though it's supposed to be supported by CUPS.

I went with an HP instead of a Brother. This may have been a mistake. HPLIP is giving me minor issues when I try to install the latest stable version (claims to be missing dependencies that are present).

I have plumbers in today, doing vital (though not-quite-emergency) work that involves cutting a lot of holes in my walls. It's very nerve-wracking, both having "outsiders" in my house during the time, and also all the fucking holes in the walls that will have to be patched at some point.

Contemplating moving to the country and becoming a cranky anarcho-homesteader. Only kind of joking.

[People, Politics and Planet] #16 Practical Utopias: a sustainable future for Canada with Guy Dauncey via @PodcastAddict

Ask Jeeves still exists. Sadly, it is officially just called "Ask" now.

"Immunity passports are a horrible idea."

Just gonna pin this for my own memory, as much as for sharing with y'all.

agriope aurantia: people don't consider me beneficial. Maybe it's because I'm a spider and not an insect.

Me: (doesn't have the heart to tell her people hate and fear spiders)

agriope: maybe we should change the terminology to "beneficial arthropoda."

Me: I love you

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Beneficial insect: I eat aphids

Me: thank you

Beneficial insect: I only eat aphids because I lack the piercing sucking mouthparts to extract plant juices myself. If I had the mouthparts of an aphid, I'd destroy your plants.

Me: shhh

There is almost no one else here and I'm mostly here "just in case" there is a technically issue with a presentation I've helped prepare. Hopefully, I can just sit in my cubicle and then go home when it's done.

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I am physically at work today, and it's super weird.

90s kids are naturally comfortable with gender inclusive language bc they’re used to everything having an X at the end for no apparent reason

Ace of Base, Nazis 

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Ace of Base, Nazis 

If you want a sharing economy, have you thought about mutual aid? Or, at the very least, mutualism? What about a co-op of co-ops? Library socialism?

Remember when Airbnb and Uber and all those things were called "the sharing economy," as if Uber really was just a carpooling/ridesharing app? As if Airbnb was just about renting out a spare bedroom? (Actually, Airbnb might have honestly started out that way, in the beginning, but of course it would turn into the worst sort of rent-seeking.)

Funny how "disruption" just means, "I made an app that makes it really easy to skirt past regulations."

Wears a mask, check. Gloves, check. Follows social distancing guidelines, check.

The leadership we need in these trying times.

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