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Me in 2005: I will make a beautiful web 2.0 website

Me in 2020: I will make an ugly but functional web 1.0 website

If your name is Deborah and you're not learning sleight-of-hand so you can go by Abraca-Deborah, what the fuck are you even doing with your life?

It's interesting--if also kind of morbid--to see mainstream reactions to conspiracy theories when they get big enough to act as rival ideologies. Paranoia is infectious if you have no experience working on or observing how your ideas come together, so you'll see people who simultaneously think qanon is nonsense but who also lend qanon a ton of social purchasing power by believing that it's some kind of unprecedented aberration with some kind of unexplainable hypnotic power.

My (former) naivety on race 

Growing up, we often had Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben's products at home. I realized Aunt Jemima was a racist trope relatively early on, but took way longer to realize Uncle Ben was also problematic. He was wearing a chef's outfit so I just assumed he was some professional chef and the whole "uncle" thing somehow went right over my head.

I'm think about this because I see Uncle Ben's is now Ben's Original and won't use the image of "Uncle Ben" anymore.

"Well I've never put off to tomorrow the things I should have done I've always waited way longer than that."

What it's like in Louisville right now 

I can hear at least 4 helicopters overhead. At least 2 of them are police choppers. My friends have been arrested at multiple locations along the road I live on. Cops are arresting journalists and livestreamers. A nearby supply drop-off for protestors has been raided. There are armed militias roaming around downtown, unchecked by police, heckling drivers and pedestrians.

This is our world. We should be the ones who decide how it should work. And every idea that ever changed the world began in the mind of just one person who wanted to make something better.

That person could be anyone. That person doesn't need privilege, wealth, a career in politics, or enough theory knowledge to write a PhD thesis.

That person could be you.

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“Ham radio is too regulated, so doesn’t apply to X use case.”

That’s like saying:
“I learned all this painting in college. Schools are regulated. It’s too bad, as it makes painting useless outside of school.”

The institutional knowledge in ham radio, whether in physics, electronics, or operational training, is absolutely vital right now. I don’t see how people can’t grok this. If a regime “shuts down the internet”, you can bet messages will still be flying on HF via CW. *IF* you know how.

the phrase "avoid like the plague" hits different during a pandemic

@extinct turns out, people dont really avoid stuff like the plague


Today is my second day on celexa (I'm not using the brand name stuff, but that's what most people probably know it as). The weird headache and fuzzy head feeling is gone today. So that's progress. The extra sweat palms side effect remains, however.

Gender reveal parties, but only for trans people who are ready to come out.

Something I've been having to tell my younger kid lately: If you're not going to listen to people, then don't ask for help.

Probably a good general tip

Me, hearing a bell toll: haha sick nice bell
Me, after finding out for whom the bell tolls: fuck! Shit!!

Remember when Medium convinced bloggers to give up their personal sites because it was free and the user interface was super intuitive? And now they literally try to charge subscription fees to people who want to read more than X number of articles per month (I have no idea what X it 10? 20? It's super unclear to me). Do the writers get a cut of that or are they producing free content for Medium to profit off of?

Fun time displacement poll from a facebook friend. Which Era do you wish you were living in?

I apologize for forgetting every detail about you people who I sit for hours a day reading the intimate details of your lives.

Remember the idea of immunity passports? Turns out getting COVID-19 doesn't even give you permanent immunity, so this idea is even more terrible.

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