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Lots of new people out there...

Here are my

I'm a nerd from (Calgary, Canada) into software, and a bit of among other things. I host my own email and web including the mastodon instance as a hobby.

I work on stuff like , and personally, and professionally in the field of .

Also big advocate of .

I'm kind of libertarian but closer to Chomsky than Rand.

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Today is the 50 anniversary of "the mother of all demos", given by Douglas Engelbart. In 1968, he decided to skip 40 years of technological progress and introduce the internet, markup languages, the mouse, collaborative editors and videoconferences in just one hour and a half. Just amazing.

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So just as @sundog faces the task of righting the Good Ship Toot-Lab I discover a failed power supply in my own rig. Second time this has happened to my setup in the last couple of years.

Luckily the backup kicked in and service was not interrupted.

This is more motivation to look into packing the 2U space with a cluster of low powered SBCs as a replacement. Like, for the cost of one server I could get a couple dozen little boards and reduce the impact of any given point of failure.

So I had to get a login to a customer's VPN and they have fairly strict password requirements one of which is tha the password must be 10 characters.

Not 10 or more characters. EXACTLY 10. No more, no less.

And all the user names are EXACTLY 8 characters.

I'm like....


Oh my, PocketCHIP friends look at this DIY PChip replacement. They are using a Pi 3B+ and the pimoroni Hyperpixel display plus a diy keyboard and 3D printed case.

A donation for @conservancy = support for :inkscape: and other community-driven free software projects. If you can help out, #PIA will match donations made before end of 2018. Help keep cool projects and #FLOSS software alive & kicking!

I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

...Apparently some apps and Web pages add useless delays at certain points such as payment processing and performing searches etc. so that users feel like the system is doing some kind of work!

How much time is wasted by such mind games that make software appear to be doing more work than it really is? :blobthinkingcool:

...the payment gateway we integrated into typically responds in less than 1 second and we send the order confirmation page immediately upon getting that response.

I have received a comment from a user who wasn't sure their payment went through because it was "TOO FAST" and it wasn't until she checked her email a bit later on and saw the transaction receipt that she was sure the order went through!

Have we become so used to bloated software that we expect it to be slow when it "works"?

So I have set up a couple of ERP systems including an integrated "e-shop" one of which I had updated on the occasion of weekend. It's a great fully independent solution. No Amazon, no Shopify, no Etsy etc... If you need to do capitalism it is at least nice to do it without being beholden to some powerful overlord!

Anyways, on this Tryton e-shop I made a curious observation about the speed of payment processing on checkout. The transactions almost always process very fast...

Another joyless discovery: a tracker on an ordinary news site that shares your data to “carry out creditworthiness and risk assessment, for debt collection purposes.” FUN

Sorry, this work really stresses me out.

MicroBlocks -- a new beginner-friendly programming language for micro-controllers has joined Conservancy. Welcome!

"I Found the Best Burger Place in America. And Then I Killed It." by Kevin Alexander

This is fascinating. The internet has so much power to concentrate attention, but being the focus of attention isn't always a good thing, as in the case of restaurants.

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