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Since there has been a huge burst of new activity out there, and everyone has been doing I guess I should (re)do a hashtag-laden of my own.

I am a mid-century modern weirdo from aka that runs Hometown/Mastodon site out of the garage in his back yard (the servers are literally bolted to the ceiling in there...told you I was weird)

Like a lot of people here I am a computer nerd who codes a lot of and tinker with and and uses mostly. Professionally I do stuff.

That said I often (sometimes mostly) post random and sometimes weird stuff. Occasionally political but put it behind content warnings. I am generally and I dunno maybe if I had to label it.

Also like weird like and , and cute fuzzy animals (not like THAT jeez) and and I'm occasionally a necromancer of old

So @squirrel was having trouble with our mobile point of sale terminal at the holiday market today and I went on the bank's mobile POS support website using my mobile and I guess the mobile POS support website doesn't function right on mobile devices?

What a POS :blobcheeky:

If your Mastodon feed feels empty, it's because you aren't following enough people. Unlike on other social media sites, there isn't an algorithm choosing content for you to see, you need to choose to see content for yourself. A good way to get started is to follow some hashtags for topics you find interesting, then follow some of the people posting there that you find interesting. You'll have a lively and engaging feed in no time!

“Wink is importing [ from China] somewhat higher spec vehicles and selling them as street-legal, Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs) for prices that go from $8,995 to $11,995.”

OMG this guy whose dad and uncle worked at the company that made the NABU computer got one from that Big Ebay NABU Sale and helped construct a simulator for the missing "network adapter"...and subsequently has gained access to the entire contents of the original "network stream"!

Not only that you can generate homebrew content and feed it from a RasPi or similar device into a NABU for execution! :blobaww:

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@nobody People say that hiccups are a vestigial impulse from back when we had gills! So in a sense, fish are hiccupping non-stop.

Alberta Political Snark 

Premier Smith to PM Trudeau: I reject your "intrusive governmental overreach" and substitute it with my own!

It is #wedsneigh

Here are some pics of prime ministers with horses to celebrate!

1. John Diefenbaker with a horse on a horse farm near Moscow in 1969.
2. Pierre Trudeau at the Calgary Stampede in 1971.
3. Joe Clark with his rocking horse in 1941.

#Histodon #Histodons #PrimeMinisters #Canada #History #Cdnpol #Canpol #Cdnpoli #Canpoli

Huh the showed up to play for real tonight guess they were just missing Tkachuk or something I dunno

It’s the Calgary Flames vs the former Calgary Flames tonight. #NHL

A play in two lines:

"Hey, the Merriam-Webster word of the year for 2022 is 'gaslighting'!"

"No it's not.""

I often run behind the Calgary Zoo, and they've chosen not to block off the view. I got to see the staff feeding a moose and talking to them like it was their puppy. What a great moment!

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