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@Siphonay ... as "silent part 2" Gen X will never enjoy a long period of time where we are the "wise generation". How many prominent world leaders are Gen X vs boomers for example? Trudeau maybe...and um...

Gen X shouldn't complain too much since millenials will have it at least as hard if not more than we did...but keep this all in mind when an old but no THAT old fuck goes all "get off my lawn" on you LOL. We've largely been there and we're in it together โ˜บ

@Siphonay ... People called Gen X are in the strange position of having gone straight from having boomers "paternalize and tell how and what to consume" right to millenials coming of age having already overtaking us as a demographic that defines how and what is consumed.


@Siphonay I'm an old fuck but try not to let it get to me by bitching about millenials. But I do like to give the gen X perspective to those with an open mind...

Millenials are the echo of the large "boomer" generation whereas my cohort is the echo of the much smaller "silent" generation. As such we have NEVER made up "most of the active population" as this graph shows:


@Elizafox Just make sure the skinheads aren't just dudes who can't properly grow hair on their heads ๐Ÿ˜

It's not too hard to tell the difference though. It becomes apparent when they speak.

It's not often that tweets make me happy lately but these ones from my back yard did.

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@djsundog @ajroach42 I think the magic is still there, just not as visible with computing having grown into the mainstream. There are open hardware projects (Olimex for example has nearly EVERYTHING open for some of its boards ... schematics, KiCAD layouts, BOMs etc) and DIY IoT and automation still has that magical feel.

@ajroach42 @djsundog I remember playing with the computers at my Godparents home...TRS80 stuff. Jim had an original, silver CoCo connected to a homebrew I/O board that controlled a huge model train set and all the lights and HVAC in the house (the 1980s had barely started so this was far out)! Eventually my dad got a used Rainbow 100 and a "more fun" Coleco ADAM that was on sale at Canadian Tire. Learned CP/M & Z80 assembler and made an Arkanoid clone for Coleco in the process...magical indeed!

@ajroach42 umm...I think those last 11 toots sound like the start of a treatment for another TV series ๐Ÿ˜„

Besides that, if you have been envisioning the completed product in your head and think it worthy why not go for it? Geography may not be the barrier you think it is. Collaboration and communication technology is more accessible and powerful than ever, and as you were substantially responsible for the original vision you would still be valuable to the production.

@theCzar @BryanLunduke the service provider often provides a gateway, and there is the third option of hosting your own gateway but on the cloud.

But I do get it...peoples needs differ. Self hosting the gateway is a choice I made for flexibility.

@theCzar @BryanLunduke Interesting that Google Voice is the one hangup. There are countless inexpensive SIP providers that can replace that service at a reasonable cost (though not $0) that do all you mentioned here. I run an Asterisk PBX in my home connected to a SIP trunk service at a fraction of the cost of normal phone.

The biggest challenges for me would be a google free mobile and the increasingly distasteful Youtube.

1947 video put out by the US Gov about fascist propaganda, and avoiding being duped: "Don't Be A Sucker"

@deshipu @KrzysiekJ Seems political to mentor at least completely unrelated to technical merit.

Historically the issue you describe concerning contributors maintaining copyright has not been a big issue in Free software and generally only causes problems when a project lead wishes to change licencing (ie. To close the source)

Contributor agreements can be good and bad but transferring copyright to a single entity is a recipe for trouble and invitation to fork.

@Elizafox LOL I wonder if River Song ever did that to the Doctor...or at least Alex Kingston while she was filming Dr. Who.

@CobaltVelvet It's her prerogative especially since she started the whole thing LOL

Only other thing I'd add is just as interesting is to be an "invisible minority"...such as be gay or have intellectual or mental health issues or be from a minority culture or religion etc. But outwardly appear "normal". Then have "severely normal" people make hateful or hurtful jokes and remarks right to your face without even knowing who you are. All the time. It's...interesting.

@CobaltVelvet @Elizafox My advice applies to everyone including the "severely normal". Actually it was mostly directed at them. Maybe less of them would become radical and March in support of hate if they got over their discomfort of different races, genders, etc.

@CobaltVelvet @Elizafox This seems to be the danger of becoming too comfortable. When your comfortable space is too insulated you only hear the loudest voices from outside. The ones that scream the loudest are often the least rational, protecting the biggest piles of shit.

So that makes the world look rather more bleak than it is. Even today the "severely normal" are decent, reasonable well meaning people, just a bit more oblivious to things.

@Elizafox Everybody needs a safe space from time to time, but even safe spaces are not always COMFORTABLE spaces.

If your safe space has become comfortable then you are at risk of harm of a different sort. You needn't thrust yourself into the firestorm. Just do yourself a favour, broaden your horizons and step outside the comfort zone โ˜บ

@deshipu @KrzysiekJ Which is why I mentioned forked from that very same project because of the very same frustrations several years ago.

It is Odoo's prerogative to reject patches for political reasons of they wish, but many projects including Tryton don't find such conditions "difficult". If Tryton didn't exist I'd suggest a fork as well TBH

@KrzysiekJ Tryton follows the principles of FSF much more closely. Cรฉdric and the core devs can be blunt and have low tolerance for top posting in discussions...however they are very responsive and accept contributions based on merit and technical correctness. Refreshing to those who have tried to contribute to Odoo as "outsiders"