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Lots of new people out there...

Here are my

I'm a nerd from (Calgary, Canada) into software, and a bit of among other things. I host my own email and web including the mastodon instance as a hobby.

I work on stuff like , and personally, and professionally in the field of .

Also big advocate of .

I'm kind of libertarian but closer to Chomsky than Rand.

communism personal opinion 

CA Politics 

TIL there is a giant squirrel living in India and it's full of color and pretty as feuk

Just look at those fluffy paws 😍😍😍

Are you a Mac developer that believes in our project? We have hit a brick wall with our macOS #Glimpse port and have a severe lack of Apple users in our project to unblock it!

More details here:

Contribution links:

Holy shit, RMS resigned.
Maybe I can apply for that job right now!

To half the fediverse: Good Night and Thanks

To my regular followers belonging to the other half of the fediverse, I apologize for the spam, and next time you should definitely join.


Geez they're even hacking into his wet dreams...tsk tsk

Jolt Colaaaaa!

Pairs well with chocolate covered coffee beans when you have no time for sleep

You'd figure Penn would get Teller to help make a hacker disappear :blobthinkingcool:


Look at all the shineys zipping through the series of intertubes

...Free/Open Tech may often stand on the shoulders of giants. But when those giants are crushing the villagers underfoot it is time to find somewhere else to stand, and to rid ourselves of the giants that threaten our safety.

Take back Free Tech.

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