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Lots of new people out there...

Here are my

I'm a nerd from (Calgary, Canada) into software, and a bit of among other things. I host my own email and web including the mastodon instance as a hobby.

I work on stuff like , and personally, and professionally in the field of .

Also big advocate of .

I'm kind of libertarian but closer to Chomsky than Rand.

Whether or not Big Clive was in collaboration with @thegibson on this one this knickknack has the right aesthetic :blobthinkingcool:

No matter how hard I look elsewhere, this is probably the most perfect PC to walk into starbucks and sit next to a macbook air user with

Privacy is not a science, it is a human right

My response to a dangerous turd of an article by Bart van der Sloot (co-founder of Amsterdam Privacy Week – sponsored by Palantir and Google – and docent teaching “Privacy and Big Data” at Tilburg University)

Mr. Sloot attempts to reframe privacy as a “science” and shame those who work to protect it for having a “pro-privacy agenda” & not being “neutral”. He also calls for “new rules” to disallow such biased behaviour.

If I ever boost your toot and immediately unboost it, there's no hidden meaning to it, I'm just a really bad clicker.


So we are beginning to see the fall of Facebook... it's going to be a slow moving disaster, but the foundation is crumbling, and this baby is coming down...

Now we need to address copyright.

When I started playing around with the idea of a radio station last week, I thought CC artists, because I can't afford a licsense... now I am faced with how many high quality artist are in CC licensing frameworks... is going to stand for the future that was lost.

As in all things we are going to restore the future. In this case, this means supporting only artists that release content in CC as they are taking risks and have skin in the game of bringing about the future we were once promised... with their art and their work.

You have my respect and dedication.

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If you want to read or boost the announcement, here it is:

Link to game site within.

CW: shaky cam moving gif

Hmm seems someone flew through a wormhole in the fediverse and favourited a post I made eleven months ago.

This kind of thing happens to me from time to time and it still makes me wonder how they find their way to such things.

The real shame is that more of the fediverse isn't Canadian

for all the shit people give Gargron, you do have to recognize that he was so moved by the abuses of proprietary social media services that instead of working for a tech company and becoming part of the problem, he did something about it.

yes. Gargron is not perfect. but, none of us are. there is no single person who is absolutely free of sin.

yes. there's a lot of things I disagree with him about, like the 300k user instance that is, and the way half of Mastodon's features are designed.

but that doesn't change the fact that he chose to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem. and so, as part of my yearly review of what I'm sponsoring on Patreon I decided to give him some of those resources.

Dealing with Docker today at work makes me think that their mascot is just the Fail Whale's second job

Deploying a web app:

1. FTP Perl script to cgi-bin
2. There's no step 2


The Web is so centralized it is nearly dead already, and it seems Big Content wants to finish it off for good and use legislation to force the world back into the central push - only broadcast model of the last century...

The loopholes seem to be pretty small. The most promising options to counter this may be massive federation and p2p to ensure most content comes from small websites with very low revenue.

Yeah it's cold I guess

But it's a *dry* cold

YouTube’s algorithm sent me this gem of a channel this morning: Nybbles and Bytes. It’s one of those PBS-style retro computing shows like Explaining Computers except for two very important differences:

1. The focus is on low level software programming on retro computers

2. The host is a trans femme

This is literally new new favorite channel and I hope anyone interested gives her a subscription because support our family!

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