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Lots of new people out there...

Here are my

I'm a nerd from (Calgary, Canada) into software, and a bit of among other things. I host my own email and web including the mastodon instance as a hobby.

I work on stuff like , and personally, and professionally in the field of .

Also big advocate of .

I'm kind of libertarian but closer to Chomsky than Rand.

really bad leftpol joke, don't open 

The Queen did her speech to the nation while wearing green

This has resulted in exactly what you'd expect

(collection of images follows, all showing the Queen photoshopped to be wearing various t-shirts)

I went for a job interview today.

The interviewer asked me, “What’s your biggest weakness?”

I said, “Answering the semantics of a question but ignoring the pragmatics.”

The interviewer asked, “Could you give me an example?”

I said, “Yes, I could.”



Apparently in AWS you can make it so an IAM user can start EC2 instances and stop EC2 instances but *not* be able to reboot/restart reboot is a totally separate and unrelated action.

I suppose the opposite is a probable use case (allowing reboot but not stop if you don't trust your users to leave important instances running) but I can't figure out the use of the other way around.

NO REBOOT FOR YOU. You must shut down first, then ponder the meaning of life before you start!

"We find that Zoom has “rolled their own” encryption scheme, which has significant weaknesses. In addition, we identify potential areas of concern in Zoom’s infrastructure, including observing the transmission of meeting encryption keys through China."

Move Fast & Roll Your Own Crypto: A Quick Look at the Confidentiality of Zoom Meetings - The Citizen Lab

Adventures in Mastodon Admin 

Adventures in Mastodon Admin 

So I'm listening to "Rise" by Herb Alpert and @squirrel thinks I'm on hold with someone on the speaker phone :blobfacepalm: 🤣

All the mojo that ever existed, or will ever exist, came into being in the 1970s.

If you are lucky enough to have any mojo at all do not squander it.

I'm finding the amber monitor aesthetic of my terminal sessions reduces eyestrain and generally keeps me mellow, perhaps due to the warm nostalgic feeling it evokes.

product idea: spray cheese but it's mayonnaise

it's called sprayonnaise

What it says in my job description: dev-ops :blobsunglasses:

What I really do: dev-oops! :blobderpy:

Mastodon tech question 

My train thought has derailed 

Government = bad
Corporations = bad

I still don’t understand why there’s arguments going around as if we have one or the other.

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