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Mark Shane Hayden

TFW you are in the middle of singing karaoke and you REALLY have to clear your throat

Also @Elizafox gets a 🍍for the setup/assist LOL

After some consideration I'd have to say @djsundog made the daddiest of quips last month. Congrats here's your pineapple! 🍍

@mala Four: A world ruled by Amazon and Apple and Uber and Wal-Mart ends up looking remarkably similar to a world ruled by the USSR or Nazi Germany.

Because they all shared that love of Italian Futurism and Taylorist workplace discipline and shining, clean machines making humans work faster and better. And if the humans can't keep up, sad.

Silicon Valley, the home of the weid eccentrics and free thinkers, sure loves to surveil and discipline and punish. Whoa boy. Loves it a LOT.

I had an epiphany recently when an activist on a ventilator pointed out that it wasn’t their revolution if they died because you couldn’t keep the hospitals running.

Criticising “capitalism” only gets so far: you have to slide the better version underneath it while it’s running. You have to save everybody.

Otherwise you’ll need to remind me - and then - why you thought you’d be better.

This is why I like to watch “capitalism” closely (and lift everything that works).

Evolution of Microsoft Office file formats:

1: User-initiated core dump

2: Core dump with embedded core dumps of COM objects (AKA compound file binary format or CFBF)

3. XML serializations of the core dump and embedded core dumps, all stuffed into a ZIP file (Office Open XML, or OOXML)

oh hi I'm back, now on 2.2 😁

Well I think it's time for me to upgrade to 2.2 so there will be some downtime happening for me.

One good thing about just having a tiny instance is that doing such things is low impact.

See y'all later!

1993: On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog

2018: The Internet is run by five mega corporations and not only do they ALL know you're a dog, they also know your preferred brand of kibble, your recent interest in flea powder and whether you've been spayed or neutered.

It does make me think about how I would manage if I had a much larger instance.

To all those who bigger instances: How do you deal with accounts? Do you work on a report/complaint basis? Is there a distributed list of emails/domains/etc that are known spammers to assist in being more proactive?

On the topic of "bot problems" I just had my first spambot issue on my instance.

Two accounts with random gmail addresses registered in quick succession and immediately posted 3 toots each, all in Russian and all about "male enhancement" or "health secrets". Odd, and the very first time I had it happen.

Quite unsophisticated and quickly managed by suspending them right away. Easy to do when you run a "micro instance"...

So this is curious... has a new data centre in the US online now but in the announcement email it says you need a separate account...I'm pretty sure my existing OVH account can be used for Europe and Canada so it is interesting that the US is a special case.

I wonder if the reasons are technical or political 🤔

I host my own stuff from my garage and use OVH for off site backup systems and client's stuff and hosting in Canada is a feature not a bug for me, so I doubt I'll bother.