Mastodon: Your DMs can be read by the admin(s) on your specific instance.

Twitter: Your DMs can be read by the entire Twitter Corporation.

@tinker That last part almost certainly isn't true and I think we all know it.

A better argument is: "But you can be your own admin, meaning only your third party might lose your DMs, you're in exactly the same boat as twitter."


@Elucidating @tinker I would say it essentially is true. Everything you write on Twitter is readable by everyone the corporation allows or directs to read. That is already a lot of people, and you have no choice in the matter.

Mastodon is NOT a private platform either of course. Tooters should have minimal expectation of privacy. However their is a much greater measure of control in who sees your messages, plus it isn't driven by surveillance based marketing.



I mean, all it'll take is one (inevitable) fash psyop and we're going to have to have better taking points.

@msh @tinker

I mean, seriously. We're going to see someone run a Masto instance under false pretenses and get traction. It's gonna be a dire challenge to the narrative Mastodon users want to project.

Let's just hope it's to the detriment of the fash not on their behalf.

@Elucidating @tinker this has already happened to a certain degree...remember the attempt by Hiveway to somehow tart up Mastodon with blockchain and raise capital for their "new thing". Also, though not overtly fascist, caters in some ways to such a crowd with their antisocial federation policy and tone.

The nature of federation brings back the kind of self regulation/containment that existed in pre-internet publishing, where crackpot ideas were recognizable and limited in reach.



I agree. I'm more concerned about people misrepresenting their intent and capturing identifying details about users in a kind of Honeypot scenario.

@Elucidating @tinker that sort of self - containment works to limit damage in those cases too. An instance's rep can quickly turn bad when it is caught doing evil. It isn't perfect of course but you won't as easily get Cambridge Analyitica type scenarios where things like honeypot "quizzes" can reach tens of millions of people.

There are many more mitigation options in a distributed scenario. I have my own server for a reason. And alts like making self hosting more accessible helps.

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