Hey if you have ANY accounts with Bell Canada (land line, mobile, Internet or TV) make sure you aren't accidentally consenting to being spied upon. They have launched a surveillance system on ALL of their services. By law it must be opt in but when you login the default button on the form is set to "yes" and even if you say no if you have multiple services it looks like it might have a "bug" that enables spying on at least one of them.

Direct link (after you log in):



Even though I explicitly declined to be enrolled in the surveillance program when I logged into mybell.ca I went and found the aforementioned link to make sure I was opted out. You have to make sure you opt out of each service and device individually, and sure enough it opted me out of TV spying but left it enabled for one of my mobile devices.

So even if you think you opted out of spying you should double check to make sure it is disabled on ALL your devices and services ASAP!

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