Hmm all but one of the custom emojos on my instance are blobs and that's not bad

:ablobcatrave: :ablobspin: :ameowbongo: :blobwoah: :bloblurk: :blobaww: :blobderpy: :blobcat: :blobcheer: :blobcatheart: :waldo: :bloblewd: :blobrainbow: :blobthinkingcool: :blobastonished: :blobthinksmart: :blobpats: :blobhearteyes: :blobmelt: :blobross: :blobrollingeyes: :blobfacepalm: :blobwave: (there's more but running out of room in this toot)

One of these things I'd not like the other...

@ella_kane yeah you gotta grab him when you see him 'cuz he's hard to find :blobcheeky:

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