So Gab has decided that their own code that they spent $5M of investor money developing is so unsalvageably bad that they're going to use Mastodon's code instead, with the added bonus of leeching off of our apps (with Gab apps being banned from app stores)

This is an early warning to fellow admins to be vigilant and domain-block them on sight, when/if they appear (unconfirmed whether they intend to federate), and to app devs to consider if blocking Gab's domains from their app is necessary.


@Gargron From what I have been observing it seems that the decrease in Gab's user base has accelerated since the launch of the instance, which is probably why Masto got their attention (if you can't beat them join them I guess?)

They seem to be trying to imitate certain aspects of as a response to this churn.

Not sure a preemptive domain block is needed for everyone...if no local user interacts it seems they naturally don't federate with you.

@msh @Gargron Gab's user base has been dwindling away for ages. This was concealed by literal Kenyan bot account operator Cyprian's arrival in summer 2018 with his '10,000 Kenyans' (fake accounts) and then a few waves of here today gone later that same day users from Brazil (Bolsanaro supporters) and Alex Jones.

After that Gab itself jacked up the bot account activity in earnest. So has nothing to do with it. Believe me, I've been there since October 2016, and it gets slower with each passing day.
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