Why does every IP video camera have the worst embedded software possible? Why do they insist on shipping devices with web UIs that need windows only plugins or janky java applets to do things modern browsers have been capable of doing for years? Why are they just!tty? there a law requiring them to install garbage software in their cameras? Hasn't the industry figured out that maybe if their cameras didn't have garbage software they'd take over the market?

@msh Yup. There should be an xkcd cartoon showing a h/w team inventing new ways to annoy people with their s/w.

@cognish or, maybe Matt Inman can make a follow-up to his printer comic about IP cameras.

If you fail at software you are sent away to write printer software.

If you fail at printer software you are sent away to write IP camera software.

@msh I know what you mean. I’ve tried a few Foscam IP cams and their embedded software is majorly lacking. I was pleasantly surprised by an Amcrest IP cam recently, though. It had a decent layout and good amount of options accessible through the web UI without requiring any plugins. I can look up the model number if it’ll be useful to you.

@shahaan majorly lacking is being charitable. Try logging into the web interface of a foSCAM on any mobile or Linux device.

Spoiled alert: You can't.

It tries to download a binary browser plugin from the interwebs right on the login page. You cannot even log in much less do any config without this nasty plugin.

So what does this plugin do? It installed a socket server on your computer on port 50000 to do who knows what kind of shenanigans?

Makes the browser UI pointless. Garbage.

@shahaan the Amcrest option intrigues me with the plugin-free experience. I shall have to look them up.

@msh just...

fucking use MJPEG and web standards

it's not hard

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