Hong Kong revolutionaries cutting down a facial recognition tower in a dank display of praxis ✊

@GreenandBlack the reason why they have umbrellas out is actually really interesting!

it defeats facial recognition!

not with make up or any other variety of things that may be harder to pass around and even harder to get a hold of...

but simply by just...blocking the camera's line of sight.
it's honestly such a fuckin genius idea, hong kong is something we should all be watching

@zoe @GreenandBlack they're fighting the power of the Chinese state and showing us new tactics in the face of mass surveillance states. the tactics developed in Hong Kong are going to be key for future western civil resistance


@CornishRepublicanArmy @zoe @GreenandBlack In response to the thwarting of state surveillance the authorities have started adding blue dye to the water in their water cannons.

Police are now arresting and confining everyone with blue stains on their skin, even children.

When it rains it pours. Dress for the weather folks.

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