Ok first KFC makes a dating simulation game featuring

Now Wendy's has a tabletop RPG where Wendy has to vanquish the empire.

I have given up on society.

@msh 7-Up had a video game for the SNES back in the 90s. It was actually a decent game (I definitely rented it a few times, and might have even owned a copy). This stuff is not that new. It's just that the barrier to entry is way lower now. Admittedly, both of these recent stunts are extremely weird. Cool Spot was a pretty straightforward video game, despite the obvious product placement.

@ink_slinger also "avoid the noid" from Domino's for the C64 and MSDOS, and even Humpty's diners (our local Canadian rival to Denny's) had a video game. I believe these were all cutesy platformers with their mascots as protagonists. These new generation games are more...interesting.

Gamevertisements is an old idea that I'd hoped had gone away :blobcheeky:

@msh Humpty's had a videogame?! They seem too stodgy for that. They barely advertise, as far as I know. I hope Humpty Dumpty spilled yolk everywhere when you died.

@ink_slinger yep they the 1990s in the latter days of gamevertisents.

Kinda cheesy

Very eggy

Virtual omelette.

I think a review of cursed gamevertisents would be an entertaining follow-up to the funko pop coverage by @taweret with that series of corporate mascot funkos.

@msh @ink_slinger @taweret there were a ton of cereal box pack-in CDROMs in the 90s too.

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