Ever try to photocopy money on a digital laser photocopier?

TIL printers do more than add pale yellow tracking watermarks...they also have currency DRM!

@msh In fact, this system has been used in forensics to tie certain printers to evidence

I think we're long overdue for DIY printers anyway. We have 3D printers, but as @phooky pointed out to me, there are some very specific problems that need solving first with regard to resolution

I'm sure it's doable, but it will take time and resources

@cypnk @msh @phooky I think way lower resolution than modern printers is fine? It's also hard to emulate MEMs used and stuff, and pretty early printers used them?

Recently Sam Zeloof has been.. like literally making little chips using lithography.. So it's not entirely impossible.. but it's a very high barrier...

@cypnk @msh @phooky
Also.. 3d printing, isn't like doing the things we might want. It's kindah like a hail mary of which people sometime forgot it's one..

I mean it's like "we" but does it mean much if there is no community keeping people going. Like, maybe capabilities might be handy in a revolution or something... in some way.. And it educates too, i guess.

@cypnk @msh @phooky
I have one..(a fairly old version) It has a self-designed carriage, and teflon nuts i made from those rollers on 2d printers.(so it doesn't bind) Haven't been printing much lately. Recently realized that an issue i had might have been because i have humid-as-fuck PLA.

I've always feared cash is doomed. Maybe I'm wrong. This is the first positive case for DRM I can think of.

Yeah, I'm that guy who walks in the gas station and prepays, mostly because skimmers are a thing here and I don't want to be pawned but I'm pro cash. It's anonymous.

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