Hey @thatgeoguy welcome to my little outpost!

Excuse the mess today, I've been doing a bit of renovations to my systems to try and make things run smoother. You may see some 50x errors today.

Rest assured the situation is temporary; I've been here 3 years and plan to stick around a lot longer!

@msh Thanks for the welcome! I just moved over here from Moosetodon. I'm familiar with technical challenges, and it's completely understandable on a Sunday afternoon.

@thatgeoguy It's working "on" the weekend instead of "for" the weekend for me here :blobcheeky:

Once the sidekiq backlog clears out it should settle down and be easier to migrate followers.
Also I've kept this server on v2.9.x for the time being so we can interact with dot-club as long as possible.

I'll upgrade to 3.x in the event security patches stop being backfired or the fate of dot-club becomes more certain.

In the meantime have fun!

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