I grew up being fed chemically augmented processed food courtesy of the miracles of modern science.

We rode around completely unrestrained in the back of station wagons and pickup trucks.

We regularly walked several blocks to the dairy queen to get ice cream completely unsupervised.

We rode our bikes without helmets.

When we went camping we entertained ourselves by throwing lawn darts at each other.

How did we ever survive?

...I mean, how long before our luck runs out? All things considered I don't think I want to tempt fate and risk being done in by "a really bad cold".

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@msh Arguably the big differences is that you can opt into all the other risks in a pretty transparent way. You won't suddenly lose an eye from lawn darts because you bumped into the mother of a child who will get hit by a lawn dart in two days.

@Azure thatis true, though I also grew up in a time when most enclosed public spaces were filled with varying degrees of cigarette smoke which wasn't always something we could opt out of.

These people protesting pandemic measures remind me of the "smokers' rights" groups of the past who figured breathing clean air was a privilege of others that shouldn't impede on their right to recreationally poison themselves.

@msh Great question. I just don't know. This past week in this city has been awful with people being idiots due to the nice weather and other factors. I'm worried, but to be frank the essential services that I provide have made me angry and bitter.

I just don't know...

@Lofenyy @msh I hope your workplace provides you with at least some PPE, Ryan. 🙏

@Lofenyy @msh In the past two days I have heard first hand stories of intelligent, knowledgeable people who, you know, just "bend" the rules. :blobsad:

@Lofenyy @msh Yup. Even crueler when their fate is to have unknowingly killed others. :blobastonished:

@puzzled @msh The sad thing is, they wont know the consequences of their actions unless they themselves are 4he victims and only especially if they're high risk.

@msh Hi Mark. in case this helps: a couple of times this past week a :mastothingy: has rendered in plain text on my toots, not as a graphic. Running latest firefox on macos.

@msh Also, FWIW, Notifications have returned to my browser in recent days. Or maybe it has been fine all along and I'm broken. Well, clearly I'm broken, but... well, never mind. :blobcheeky:

@puzzled hmm I thought @ink_slinger was the only one with that problem.

There was some index corruption on my database, probably due to the now-sunk docker playing flappy Bird with my containers last month. I cleaned up the problem and notifications started working again.

I helped another instance admin fix their database too. A similar fix helped their broken emojis, so I will check out mine now too.

Thanks for letting me know. Sometimes issues don't affect all users the same way.

@puzzled @ink_slinger I decided to check all the indexes of my database and found a number of similar issues with un-enforced constraints causing duplicates that shouldn't exist. They've all been corrected and glitches involving emojis, preview cards, conversation threads etc. seem to have resolved themselves.

And things seem a bit snappier too but that might just be me :ablobcatrave:

@puzzled @msh Thank you, I greatly appreciate it! Luckily, I'm almost always wearing gloves, washing my hands and we sanitize most surfaces every four hours at least. We force people to stand in squares too and whatnot, but often get told off back.

I'll honestly likely be fine no matter the outcome, but our hundreds of customers who need their trademarked frozen soda beverages, I worry about.

@Lofenyy @msh <eyeroll size="huge"/>

Indeed. My brother has set the standard I aim to achieve. He and my sister-in-law average about once every 12 days to go to whatever huge supermarket they use. I'm learning to plan Safeway visits better.

@msh Honestly, not much has changed except the lawn darts.

How the hell you managed to survive the lawn darts, I have no idea! They sound horrifying!

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