Important ASA (Admins Service Announcement) for Mastodon and generally PostgreSQL admins: Due to some changes in glibc some distribution upgrades will cause PostgreSQL text indexes to become corrupted, potentially leading to unique indexes not being correctly enforced and inconsistent application data.


@thegcat I wish this tip was more widely known 2 months ago because I started having weirdness with my instance when I upgraded to Debian 10 and battled with masto weirdness throughout March.

If one or more of your mastodon docker containers starts randomly flapping in the breeze (restarting) and you did an OS update look at your database indexes. My instance and a few others have already dealt with this.

Also postgresql in a docker container seems to be a bad idea.

@msh @thegcat

"Also postgresql in a docker container seems to be a bad idea."

Can you expand on this a little? Postgres in the container would come along with glibc in the container, so why is this an issue, instead of a solution?

@atrus @thegcat

For me, docker just kept getting in the way. For some reason I couldn't determine the database ran noticeably slower in docker despite there not being anything that caused obvious overhead. Also when there did start to be errors docker-compose kept slamming services off and on abruptly to recover, including the database. Occasionally graceful shutdown would timeout and docker would just force kill. Going through logs was annoying. All those overlayFS mounts was annoying etc...


@atrus @thegcat's not so much that docker is bad, m'kay? I know there are answers to all the docker problems I had...But for my use case it ultimately made no sense. I have a small instance and a pretty simple environment. Tuning the stock docker-compose to work *optimally* with my environment (including learning the intricacies of docker) turned out to be much more of a time sink than just following the docs to install masto straight onto a stock debian setup.

@msh @thegcat Thanks muchly for the detailed explainations.

It gets me thinking on what sorts of best practices and plumbing are missing in this space.

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