Bitwarden gripe/cry for help 

Bitwarden is the least of all password manager evils and my employer's self-hosted instance generally serves us well...but the paid "organizations" license and activation scheme, and related support, is the shittiest thing ever!

First of all, our account auto-renewed back in March but somehow we missed the part where we have to manually upload a new license file for the after the grace period the org. is now disabled and our collections locked...


Bitwarden gripe/cry for help after some searching we find an online page that tells us to create a new org. then upload the new license there. But all that did create a second, new empty org and leave our old one disabled and locked!

The phone number on our invoice goes straight to a voicemail so I filled out their web form describing the issue. After an hour+ I got a reply...with a link to exactly what I did that made the second organization instead of enabling the old one!

:blobsob: ...

Bitwarden gripe/cry for help 

... I'm gonna try a couple other things as I await their reply to my reply saying "been there done that" . But *sigh*... this freemium SaaS aspect of BW is terrible...even moreso than their choice of porky Microsoft SQL server and .net stack.

It makes me seriously contemplate migrating to the Bitwarden_rs version and even using orgs without a subscription if that is possible.

Bitwarden gripe/cry for help 

@msh Support is a mysterious domain for many tech firms.

Did you get satisfaction in the end??

Bitwarden gripe/cry for help 

@puzzled ended up figuring it out myself as I waited for the reply.

Even though my master login has full admin access to our Bitwarden server is not the creator/owner of the organization that was disabled, and only the creator (not even admins!) can get into a disabled organization to relicense/reactivate it.

That was not mentioned explicitly in the documentation on the seems to have been written as if self hosters always have one admin or something.

Bitwarden gripe/cry for help 

@msh I have a similar problem, administering a client's TokBox service. The original account creator is gone and there seems to be no way for me to get "root" since Vonage took overTokBox.


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