Thunderstorm. Power outage. My instance may shut down for a bit...

...and we're back. It's been awhile since I've had a power outage longer than my UPS keeps things running (only second time in the 3 years I've run this instance) but makes me want to put a big battery bank in some day so I can run for over an hour.

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@msh I'm at my gas station job in the NW. I live in the NE. The trains aren't running and roads are closed. My coworker's struggling to get here so I'm staying past my shift. Currently wondering how I'm gunna get home...

@msh Also, I rely solely on Transit for transportation.

@Lofenyy NE Calgary from Whitehorn to Saddle Ridge is a real shitshow. Large hail damaged cars and homes, then clumped into blocks of ice that blocked storm drains and caused flash flooding.

The flooding caused a substation fault and cascading power failures throughout the north end of the city including much of the northeast LRT line...but given flooding in the streets the LRT might be the most reliable way home when it gets running again.

Hope you can get home alright.

@msh @Lofenyy My parents house in the NE was ripped to shreds but everything is fine near the university. I didn’t see any hail at all here.

@krruzic @msh Awesome to see someone else from Calgary on here! I know what you mean, I was just outside in Saddletowne.

@Lofenyy @msh Yep, parent’s street looks exactly like that. Every car windshield FUBAR, the siding of every house is in similar condition to that sign.

@krruzic @msh Wow, sounds even worse than Saddletowne then! I cherry picked images and the worst houses don't look nearly as bad as the sign!

@Lofenyy @msh I may have exaggerated a bit. I’m too lazy to find the picture of my parent’s house… it’s pretty bad, but maybe not that bad.

@msh Made it home! I've got pics! You were right, LRT was nice and reliable. My poor coworker tried to get here while the LRT wasn't running.

How'd you know all of this so soon?


I know people who live and work in that part of town. Some of them were sending pictures and video clips of the storm to @squirrel on their phones as it happened and the immediate aftermath.

@Lofenyy @msh Glad you got home okay, Ryan. Did you have to work much past end-of-shift?

I was amazed at the shredded vinyl siding. Did not realize hail could do that. 😮

@puzzled @msh Luckily, I didn't need to do much. Only 10 minutes if I recall correctly.


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