At some point in time the peanut butter people switched their jars from natural translucent plastic to plastic that is dyed to a colour perfectly matching the peanut butter and I do not appreciate the games this plays with my mind

Just look at those effin' bears too...staring, with those smirks on their faces. Mocking me.

They're in on the joke.

I half expect those damn bears to burst out laughing when I open the jar and it's empty.

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@msh Do you think the percentages change if it's a very small amount?

@msh That seems like a mistake.

They should color it dark grey, except for the bottom quarter-inch, which would be golden brown.

That way you're always sure you need a new jar.

@apLundell A lot of VC funded research is probably going into developing a colourant that changes state, such that the jar appears full on the store shelf then transitions to the state you describe at some point in time after you've brought it home.

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