They don't make things like they used to.

I had baked my dinner entree in a "Pyrex" dish and was transferring it to my plate when, without warning the baking dish shattered into thousands of tiny shards all over my kitchen counter and my dinner. Behold the result (dinner plate and food removed).

I wish Pyrex was actually still borosilicate. Don't buy Pyrex. It's garbage now. Make sure you buy real borosilicate glass beware.

@msh Pyrex was sold to a different company, hence the change. Best not buy that stuff anymore.

@msh Oh dang, that sucks so much! Are you OK?

Pyrex is long dead (well, the consumer end anyway) and it seems their products use a totally different sauce. I still have a measuring cup from 1996 that I still use today, but one of their newer cups exploded in a similar fashion

@cypnk the dish shattered right in my hand, which was thankfully safe inside an oven mitt. I was holding it over my plate as I was taking food out and it just went bang and instantly transformed into a pile of shards. There were no cracks or chips in the dish it was just there then it...wasn't!

Aside from a tiny glass sliver in the finger of my un-gloved hand I am unscathed.

Yeah Dow-Corning still owns the brand but just licenses it out to another company that doesn't even make borosilicate.

@msh Well, here’s to small fortunes at least. Glad it’s not too serious. I wouldn’t carry any glass dish without gloves anymore. You just can’t trust it

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