I'm a weirdo that runs one of my DNS servers in my garage and the other on a $5 vps instead of using a DNS hosting service which seemed like a foolish thing to do until now

@msh You're one of the lucky ones indeed since it involves time and money.

@msh My first guess was this week's gruesome Microsoft DNS Server vulnerability (CVSS score 10). But that's not how you roll!

Wazzup with your DNS Mark?

@puzzled Yep. I run my primary DNS locally on Debian, and have the same thing running in a VPS on OVH as backup, instead of doing the "easy" thing and outsourcing it.

Interestingly OVH was dealing with repeated DDoS attempts at the same time CloudFlare was having issues. Glad it's only my backup. It looks like there is a larger effort going on here against Big Internet.

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