The is a solid unit. The back cover seems to be like 5 times as thick as what my old Samsung phones had back in the day!

Also: smol dip switches, pogo pins!

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First toot from my new (over WiFi)

UBPorts is more refined than I expected! Of course there is work left to do but not bad. I will explore it a bit before trying and other OSes.

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I can't leave well enough alone so I booted my from a SD card :blobcheeky:

Not quite as smooth as but maybe more functional. Either way I could make and receive voice calls and SMS and use a web browser right out ofthe box so probaby good enough to be my regular phone already LOL

I'm back on my BS again this weekend. Tried out a few more OSes and tried installing to internal flash. Wifi, LTE data and SMS Just Work™️ with everything. Ironically voice calls are the trickiest thing to get working on this "phone" 😂

Was beginners' luck having calls work initially without effort I guesd. but I'm still learning and having fun.

Show thread running `apt update && apt upgrade` and rebooting made phone calls come back again on :blobtonguewink:

Imma gonna leave it like this for awhile and just *use* my Free/open fondleslab for a change. Maybe think of some app ideas since @thatgeoguy asked before. Maybe a fitness tracker for when I go jogging would be nice...hmm...

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@msh this all sounds promising (as my 2.5 yo xiaomi begins to act up) 👍

@msh So I finally got around to distro-hopping away from @ubports today. I have to say, my first impressions of Mobian are... I'm not that impressed? It seems vastly less fluid, apps take a long time to load, etc.

Not to disparage the work done here, I've even seen Anbox working on Mobian recently, but it does make me appreciate more the bare essentials that provides. I'll be keeping on my 's eMMC, and I'll check in with Mobian on an SD card. 🤷‍♂️

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