My instance is now on 3.2.0 and it seems to be running normally.

Mastodon perfectly named. It is a big heavy hairy beast :blobcheeky:

The only thing left is to see if that new feature works where it emails you a token if you have 2FA disabled and have logged in after being inactive or from a new location/device...but I can't see why that wouldn't work since I fixed my email after migrating off docker awhile back.

@msh Thanks for the upgrade, Mark.

This feature is something I'd use: "Add personal notes for accounts; notes only you can see, to help you remember details" (release notes for 3.2.0)

Have you seen where in the browser client this is implemented? I've refreshed my browser tab.

@puzzled when you click on the avatar or mention of a user to view their profile there is now a spot where it says "click to add note" just above the description (at least in the mobile rendering of the page...either way the note field shows up on the user profile page)

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