For all the amazing progress in battery tech there has been a very serious regression: the abandonment of standard retail/consumer sizes:

The comments are mostly typical YouTube tech-bro of course: lots of "just buy 18650 or pillow cells from Alibaba, rip the old battery apart and put in the new cells". No. Just no. Yes Fran has the ability to do that but I'm sure she'd rather spend that time doing her actual projects, and few other people are even able to...


...and there is probably one thing even more evil than gluing/soldering the cells into devices: battery controllers with DRM built in. Yes, just like how printer makers were putting electronics in their ink cartridges preventing refills. Some devices and battery packs have self destructing charge controllers that stop working when the input voltage goes too low to prevent 3rd party cell replacement.

I know. Liability blah blah blah. That is the excuse. The real reason is planned obsolescence.

@msh I still remember that video with a load of middle aged Japanese engineers at a tech exhibition who ended up having to vault their desks and pile out of the fire-exits like a scene in an action movie because due a faulty charging circuit caused laptop battery to explode and taken fire; and this was one of the big OEMs batteries being demonstrated in a premium priced laptop (not some aftermarket replacement)

@vfrmedia there is also Samsung with their exploding Notes which er...fanned the flames...of the liability argument justifying the DRM laden battery controllers and lack of repairability.

But this is also an argument for affordable, standard battery sizes. Devices could be used longer and hobbyists wouldn't be motivated to set themselves on fire replacing cells, building homemade alternatives or using dodgy aftermarket equivalents. Well tested battery protection would be part of the standard.

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