Work from home is falling apart for whom?

I'd say mostly for the fragile folk who normally fly to Davos, own city skyscrapers and lend people money to buy new cars and bigger homes mostly. I worked from home for 10 years and they're bitching about 10 months. *sigh*


Maybe they need video chats full of clowns doing push ups to keep them company?

@c0debabe they must have saved a lot of money on the private jets and luxury accommodations this year going virtual, you'd think that would partially offset the decline in profits. Gotta see the positives right?

I think they're really lacking in imagination here and wealth in the hands of the unimaginative is a tragic waste. As much of a trash fire Reddit can be it's refreshing to see some of them find ways to rectify that issue :blobcheeky:

@msh we usually hear this from companies that didn't really give remote working a decent chance to begin with.

Those that changed their processes and actually trusted their employees to do the right thing have generally found the exercise beneficial.

I was a remote worker before the pandemic working in a team that was distributed around the globe. My employer has now gone "remote by default", and gives employees and teams the option. (I believe the CEO has decamped to Hawaii 😂 )

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