I just set up my own server at video.coales.co and it looks stable! Haven't opened registrations up (yet) but will probably be welcoming users befor too long. In the meantime I am following a couple of instances like so I can help replicate their libraries.

I would like to use the service provided by my instance for authentication. I see OAuth plugins but the documentation is pretty sparse and I haven't figured it out. Anyone else got it yet?


I figured it out! Now users of my instance can also get a free peertube profile at video.coales.co just by clicking the "sign in with coales.co Mastodon Instance" button instead of a separate username and password! That means I'm also at @msh now and my other users can set up too!

Gotta say though the "peertube-plugin-auth-oauth2-mastodon" has pretty useless documentation and has some jankiness to it--it forces the email address to be your Masto "handle @ instance" which seems wrong...


There is also another auth plugin that is just oauth2 not Masto specific (which the one I picked was forked from)...I'll have to dig into it to see why the fork was done.

Anyways as time permits I will have to contribute a howto, or maybe code improvements or my own fork (though IMO JavaScript is Not Fun so I dunno).

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