I just set up my own server at video.coales.co and it looks stable! Haven't opened registrations up (yet) but will probably be welcoming users befor too long. In the meantime I am following a couple of instances like so I can help replicate their libraries.

I would like to use the service provided by my instance for authentication. I see OAuth plugins but the documentation is pretty sparse and I haven't figured it out. Anyone else got it yet?

I figured it out! Now users of my instance can also get a free peertube profile at video.coales.co just by clicking the "sign in with coales.co Mastodon Instance" button instead of a separate username and password! That means I'm also at @msh now and my other users can set up too!

Gotta say though the "peertube-plugin-auth-oauth2-mastodon" has pretty useless documentation and has some jankiness to it--it forces the email address to be your Masto "handle @ instance" which is pretty wrong...

@msh now you just have to give everyone an email address. I'm sure authenticating that over OAuth2 would be fun


@mhmd you have a strange idea of what is fun :blobcheeky:

Though maybe I could do some scripting and postfix sorcery to make an email-to-masto gateway that turns any emails sent to Mastodon usernames into DM toots :blobthinkingcool:

@msh you could alternatively just setup a relay that uses Mastodon's database to find the destination email address and forwards the mail on


:blobthinkingcool: :blobthinkingcool:

I would have to be careful not to facilitate spamming since fedi handles seem to be more widely shared on the interwebs but that may be the better approach.

The best approach would probably be for Masto to add the email address to the user info like all the cool OAuth2 kids do :blobtonguewink:

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