A story of 2 networks:

* pings work between them
* traceroute6 works
* nmap -6 shows HTTPS and SSH open
* web and SSH work on same networks
* web and SSH do NOT work between the 2 networks


@msh I love problems like this. Especially when they aren't my problems!

Did you solve it? I resist making a suggestion because (a) networks not my field and (b) you did not ask for help.

But I love your problem. 🤓

@puzzled I have not quite resolved it yet but i've gained some understanding at least :blobtonguewink:

This is on my home network infrastructure not work/customer so it is not urgent. I am trying to fully and properly(ish) deploy IPv6.

If I figure it out then will be accessible from both IPv4 and IPv6 and hurricane electric will send me a T-shirt or something or I'll just have bragging rights I dunno

I blame @djsundog because if I'm hooking to might as well IPv6 too

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