I'm making some time this cold but sunny day to "jazz up" my little junction of and my home/hobby network in general (I wanna all the things!)

This shouldn't affect any of by public internet presences but some new TLDs may pop up in the tubes. Interestingly, however, the geolocation powers that be once again randomly think I am simultaneously in Calgary, Alberta (IPv4) and Fremont, California (IPv6).

The interwebs don't know what to make of my

@msh I sometimes split my corporeal existence between the lower BC mainland, Calgary and Fremont. 99.9% of the time I am nowhere near those places.

Linode much? (I run some stuff in their Fremont data centre)

@puzzled I've only been physically present in Fremont once in my life, and I'm not dealing with Linode currently. Seems that Hurricane Electric has operations there too, and even though the 6in4 tunnel endpoint I'm dealing with is physically in Calgary the IPv6 nets I've been allocated seem to be associated with Fremont at least some of the time.

If only it improved the weather here the way it improves the selection on Netflix :blobcheeky:

@msh You'd be the third to use IPv6 in #theTubes if I see correctly that kepstin also uses IPv6. But since I think sundog doesnt, that wouldn't do anything for you unless we get you set up with babel routing instead of static routing.

@Johann150 my wireguard seems to peer with sundogistan over ipv6 so I think it's dual stack (it's all ipv4 inside at this point of course)

I do indeed hope to try out Babel routing sooner than later too ;)

@Johann150 @msh because of how the babel routing is set up, IPv6 traffic can be routed *through* sundog on babel links, even tho he doesn't use IPv6 locally.

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