It's a snowy slushy Sunday here and that means staying out of the weather and crawling around for a bit.

I'd like to see if I can get Babel routing going on my node. Do I need to get permission/assistance from @djsundog or can I just beg forgiveness later?

The articlle @kepstin wrote looks pretty clear; just wondering what I would set for XX in the "participant number"

Once I run out of "plumbing" to tinker with I might actually start hosting something worth talking about!


you definitely don't need permission, though everything will break horribly* if we don't coordinate changing our peering configs to support you being a babeld-enabled node ;)

your participant number would be 9 by my reckoning.

I'll get a babeld-enabled config set up for our peering tunnel on my end - let me know when you're ready and I'll bounce the tunnel


*for some values of break and horrible

@djsundog yes XX=n seems the most cromulent to me, thanks for confirming. I shall set things up here and drop you a note when I'm ready to go


@msh @djsundog also let me know if you feel like setting up a second link :)

@msh @djsundog yeah, in my doc all the "XX" are the hexadecimal version of "N". Since you're assigned number '9' though, the number's the same in both bases :)

If you're curious about what "break horribly" is:

* If you switch your link to sundog to use babel but he didn't, you won't have any routing to the tubes until the other end is also switched.

* If you add a babel link to someone else but your sundog link isn't babel, then you might have asymmetrical routing to some destinations.

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