So I went to the farm today and had my running and running with with me and thought I'd see if I could figure out USB tethering...

Well I turned on my computer, plugged the phone into the USB port and, well...connected!

No tapping through layers of menus like my old phone, no messing with any settings on my computer...well that was easy!

This is like the Garden of "just works" Eden except without the walls

Yes, getting and #internetConnection from ones #phone, aka #tethering, is such an fundamental part of so-called #smartphone ownership.

Its negligence that legacy #UI's never made it obvious to the user what it is and how it can be used. Instead people used a hodge-podge of app grift (#adware etc) to toggle a couple native settings.

Very poor.

Good to know the situation is getting easier with systems you've mentioned.

#bigTech #malware #closedSource

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