maintenance notice 

I will be performing upgrades on my instance this evening so there will possibly (likely lol) be intermittent outages between 9PM and midnight MDT (UTC-6)

This includes OS updates as well as Mastodon, and a high possibility of a migration to Hometown. Such a migration should be minimally disruptive and would add additional features for locally scoped posts and list management


well it looks like I'm upgraded/migrated to **Hometown** 1.0.5+3.4.0!

Proper rendering of articles vs notes (toots/posts)!

local or federated posts!

exclusive lists!

Thanks @darius for sharing your masto fork with the world!

@msh @darius Man I remember asking for exclusive lists years ago, before I even joined this instance.

Congrats on the successful transition! (Also, why does masto hate exclusive lists as a feature enough that they won't accept an MR for it?)

@thatgeoguy @msh has there been a merge request for it that was closed? I simply haven't made one upstream because I think my implementation is too hacky

@darius @msh Not sure! My impression from reading the Github README for Hometown was that most of the features in the fork were a result of Mastodon refusing them.


I could be mistaken though. Hacky or not, it is definitely something that very much needs to happen!

@thatgeoguy @msh most are, but exclusive lists isn't one that I'm aware of

@thatgeoguy @msh oh nice. I will comment with a link to my implementation, which I'm pretty sure I did all in one commit in case this happened

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