So I got an SMS from a friend out of the blue last night, haven't heard from him for awhile so nice to know he's still around.

He drives truck and said he recently got a better paying gig hauling fuel

To British Columbia

To supply fuel to the water bombers

Where all the forest fires are

Volatile fuel

Well it isn't boring I guess 😬


The cab of his truck is fitted with a faraday cage such that his mobile is inoperable inside so he cannot be reached when on duty (dispatch can only see his GPS posiition and if the driver has pressed an emergency call button)

Driving a 25m B train hauling 60000 litres of fuel through the mountains and forests to fire fighting water bombers demands a distraction free environment

@msh Damn, I don't know what they're paying him, but I'm guessing it ain't enough.

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