data mining algorithm hellscape 

Here is a cautionary tale of throwing data mining and algorithms at a problem with good intentions but terrible consequences

Algorithms are damaging society...surely smart people can see that more algorithms aren't the solution to fixing all our problems.

Hey Apple..are you paying attention? You are not immune to such unintended consequences.

data mining algorithm hellscape 

@msh how on earth did they manage to mix up the human and vet prescription data like that?

Although human and vet prescriptions *are* similar and are often generated by almost the same computer systems, there is a species identifier for vet prescriptions; absent for human ones - easy enough to check for that (unless there is so little trust in USA they are even suspecting the doggos' meds are being diverted)

data mining algorithm hellscape 

@vfrmedia @msh I would hardly be surprised if they did suspect that tbh

data mining algorithm hellscape 

@vfrmedia @msh like "overly suspicious reading of innocent data" seems to be par for the course with this, so...

data mining algorithm hellscape 

@vfrmedia This is the disturbing part of the story. It reveals that the company providing this "addiction score" is hoovering data from multiple sources without adequate disclosure or consent.

They *know* these are vet/animal prescriptions--as you suspect they are deliberately factored into this "score" because that is indeed the trust level authorities have in their citizens.

The assumption is that a person would in fact get opioid prescriptions in the name of their pets, children or others in their care to feed their addictions.

That is the mindset of *all* means testing in most developed countries like Canada and UK but especially in the US, and that mindset feeds into systemic racism and sexism as well.

data mining algorithm hellscape 

@msh @vfrmedia when can the "war on drugs" die in a fire

quote from the article, data mining algorithm hellscape 

@msh @vfrmedia “The problem that really infuses the NarxCare discussion is that the environment in which it is being used has an intense element of law enforcement, fear, and distrust of patients,” Kertesz says.

quote from the article, data mining algorithm hellscape 

@a_breakin_glass @msh

also in USA there seems to be distrust in any solution involves the public sector (which other than cops isn't even funded enough to do the work)

This is how its done in the UK (the pharmacy is multi-species for humans and other creatures; but there are plenty of safeguards to stop people pretending to be a doggo to get a supply of something that is sometimes diverted..)

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