@TrechNex For anyone trying to find this thread of replies from original Firefox creators to Mozilla accepting crypto donations:

(The image caption was kind of hard to read.)

(For anyone who was curious, confirmed Peter Linss as pioneer of the stylesheet system via http://www.mozillazine.org/chat/logs/1999-10-22-NGLAYOUT.html , jwz of Mozilla via https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jamie_Zawinski )


cryptocritical, referenes to illicit stuff, etc. 

@digitalfox @TrechNex ugh...don't make my mistake and view the hidden replies to thes Mozilla pioneers. This one reply basically sums it up so you can avoid the rest:

"You're both idiots then aren't you. They're asking for donations in cryptocurrencies people already have. They aren't selling or promoting anything. Get a fucking grip."

Which is essentially similar to "you idiots they are only accepting cocaine, assault rifles and conflict diamonds that already exist as donations...it's not like they are MAKING or SELLING them get a grip" and it boggles the mind how people cannot see the concerns here even if they disagree with the stance.

Also this crowd is largely the same crowd who venerate the likes of RMS or Brendan Eich as being Holy Hackers beyond reproach but do not hesitate to sling slurs at other pioneers of computing who do not share their world view. I know it takes effort to be a *consistently* critical thinker but they could at least try.

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