So I got a couple little rackmount cases the other day and since the deep freeze continues here it is a good day for indoor tinkering activities.

As such I will be having a planned outage in an hour or 2 to move the new storage server from the leftover tower case into a new rackmount case and install it in its rightful permanent place, and then maybe move the masto media files onto it, since the masto database migration went so well.

After all the storage needs of my local rig here are moved over I will start gradually working on turning the second rackmount case into the home of my new Collection of Smol Servers. I'm past now I've been messing with it since before it was cool and cloudy.

Now I'm all about


Well I got my storage server build put in its rightful rack-mounted place, and also made up some nice short power and network cables to tidy things up a bit. working well so far 🤞

I moved some more stuff from the old glusterFS volumes into the new storage server but decided to clean up the old Masto media files before moving that stuff over and I guess that is going to take awhile

Never did a proper cleanup of media files but there weren't quite 900000 to remove so it should be done any day now :blobcheeky:

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