Seems like it wouldn't be beyond the realm of possibility to do some kind of Activity Pub enabled store front?

Build some Activity Pub functionality in to a platform like WooCommerce.

All transactions would happen on the sellers personal sites. The federation functionality would be for discoverability, cross promotion, etc.

Transactions would need to live in Paypal or Stripe or whatever.

An original storefront would need to exist.

But photos and descriptions and reviews and comments and all of the Discoverability elements could live in the fediverse.

@ajroach42 shoot now I want to retrofit my Tryton e-shop with federation.

Also I wonder if GNU Taler needs a compelling (federated) application to gain traction as a payment processing system.

@msh @ajroach42 I think it does. It looks cool and a good way for individuals to move money around, but it needs an app to demonstrate it’s feasible.

Fedi storefront would be a good one.

@jollyrogue @msh taler is dependent on some cryptocurrency to back it, yeah? Trying to avoid that aspect.


no...although Taler could be used with any currency including blockchain based cryptocurrencies it is NOT dependent on them

It aims to solve some of the same problems as blockchain cryptocurrencies do, except actually takes a realistic approach



@ajroach42 there is a bit of a misconception about GNU Taler being associated with blockchain or being a cryptocurrrency when its aims seem to be more to provide an accountable, privacy-respecting and open standard for transaction processing so you are not beholden to any particular payment processor.

It's a shame the mindspace around digital currency is so dominated by blockchain BS because it would still be nice to have a decent way to transact amongst people and merchants and institutions like credit unions without a Paypal or Stripe or the like getting in the way...

at least until such time we've finally gotten around to fully automating gay space communism :blobtonguewink:


@msh I think it's a log way until GNU Taller gains any amount of traction. What I would like to see for now at least in Europe (EEA to be exact) would be an FOSS community-backed service for accessing the PSD 2 payment initiation service api (PIS) provided by banks. It would not solve the privacy problem, but at least pride a solid alternative for services like PayPal in terms of transactions with instant confirmation. @ajroach42 @jollyrogue

@gorol @msh @ajroach42 As an aside, I’m very jealous of Europe, and their banking APIs.

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