so I got a USB C DP-alt to HDMI dongle for my but couldn't get a picture out of it so I plugged it into my OG (PinePhone Amateur I guess you can call it now?) to see if it was a software or hardware issue and can confirm the dongle works so now I am tooting this toot from my pinephone original ON MY 55" TV

in 4K UHD


I think there must be a driver or firmware or something in Mobian that is absent from the regular Debian ARM I run on my Pinebook Pro. Will have to investigate.

@msh I understand it, the driver isn't in the current kernel for many arm distros on the PBP.

It used to work great on mine for a while, then stopped a couple of Manjaro updates ago

I know it's a software issue, because I can boot from an SD card with an older version of Manjaro on it and the secondary monitor connected over USB C works every time.

Boot off the current version, and the secondary monitor no longer exists.

It is unfortunate.

@paradroyd It WAS abailable for awhile but in kernel changelogs for I sawthe following for linux 5.10.38-1:

[ Vagrant Cascadian ]
* [arm64] DisableUSB type-C DisplayPort in pinebook pro device-tree.


WHYYYYYY?! :blobastonished:

@msh Yes..I saw something from one of the Manjaro devs saying that Pinebook Pro support for USB C video was essentially a special hack that they'd done, and now that they're using the mainline kernel, it's not there anymore.

Really hobbles it for me.

It's nice to have a laptop with essentially infinite battery life, but it's not really usable for presentations with a current kernel because of this, IMO.

@paradroyd maybe I have to find or build a dtb that includes it again, and file a bug report to have it restored and maybe then I will get an answer when my report is rejected with wontfix LOL

@msh @paradroyd Yeah wait sorry what?! I haven't dug out my PBP in ages now, as I've had no need for a laptop (winter has kept me indoors; the pandemic has kept me from cafés) but if I started using my PBP again I'd often want to hook it up to a second monitor and this would be quite the bummer...

@keithzg @msh It may work fine on some other distros. I just no that it doesn't work on the current (or past few) versions of Manjaro. I really like everything else about Manjaro on it though, so I'm sticking with it for now.

@paradroyd @msh Fair enough!

Speaking as someone who doesn't get along very well with `pacman` anyways (I'm sorry but I'll just never remember what random flag I'm supposed to use for each action, and it's inevitably frustrating) that might help make up my decision for me on what to refresh my PBP with, as both the internal drive and the card I have in it have very outdated distro releases on them.
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