so I am working in an apocalyptic hellscape this morning how are you all doing today?

@msh I'm working swing shift today, so my morning is great.

@msh Came in to the office to find that 1/5 of our servers were offline. Not the best morning I've ever had

@msh tryin to find the motivation for writing code for a chef cookbook that should have been done last week 😬

@thatgeoguy Still in Tulsa then?

This morning I was among to bother coming into the office today 😜

(the streets around our building were still dressed from last night's shoot, and a few streets were still blocked with derelict vehicles...I am still a bit bothered by how little it seems they must do to turn present day Late Stage Capitalism into Zombie Apocalypse)

@msh Nah, I got back from Tulsa early this week.

But I am on the grind too - we're hiring at work and I'm basically trying to do my normal job as well as find ways to reach out to new candidates (and interview existing ones).

As for going into an office surrounded by derelict vehicles, well, I WFH permanently so I can't say I've felt that much. And yeah, I guess all they have to do is maybe deflate the tires of a few SUVs / pickups and then put a dusty sheen over everything. Maybe you'll be in one of the bloopers!

@thatgeoguy Hey Jeremy, what skills/types are you hiring for?

@puzzled Lots of stuff! Mostly looking for folks doing computer vision / robotics / perception stuff, but I think we have a web position open as well:

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