multi mothras smol ladies and face burning starfish right off the bat this is gonna be a good :blobrainbow:

Mayans travelled to Japan and worshipped Godzilla who knew?


the Mayans knew how to make proper masers it's truly a lost art

ya know i think the police ordering people to leave immediately was completely unnecessary

those guys prying jewels out of the wall nothing good can come of that haven't they seen Indiana Jones movies SMDH

OHNOOOO Smol Ladies keep singing Mothra needs your healing vibes! :blobastonished:

The VFX Department let loose the interns with a bunch of Commodore Amigas and Video Toasters and here we are now and it's delightful

The Earth is in our children's hands

Thus concludes this week's sermon!

Thank you @Taweret for gathering us all for the fun and frivolity!

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