there is some award winning wardrobe in this I recommend watching it just for that

I bet a princess who made her staff dress like that would have a lot of enemies tho

fancy clothes now smol ladies! :blobaww: I have no idea where this is going but it sparks joy anyways

they are singing though...sounds very pretty but you know shit's gonna go down before long now

spreading rumours isn't a crime in fact it's just politics as usual

the yellow poncho and white hat is some sort of mandatory grad student uniform I take it? This wardrobe I tell you

Venus lady learned a lot from D B Cooper but laying low wasn't one of them

so i guess Rodan ate Magneto at some point must have pretty bad indigestion then this won't turn out well

TFW you accidentally set up camp on a monster's nest

that tantrum lol aww Godzilla you are so cute when you are angry :blobcatpats:

watching Monster Pro Wrestling in fast forward is so delightful


they coulda got a lot more mileage outta the monster footage and made it more menacing if it diwn instead if speeding it up you know? but Benny Hill Kaiju is still pretty fantastic I think

well the lizard the caterpillar and the bat-bird have put Grumpy Ghidora in their place all is right in the world again

Sayonora Smol Ladies and @Taweret and the crew it was another fun one!

@msh I don't understand why they thought it was a good idea to speed this footage up.

That's exactly the wrong thing to do. Shoulda slowed it down, to make it look big.

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